Thursday, February 26, 2009


Rangoli is a colourful pattern made near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. Rangoli is row of colours. It is one of the most popular and traditional art forms in India. It is customary for Indian women to draw decorated feet of Laxmi – The Godess of weath, approaching her door bringing in good fortune for her devote family.Most of the Rangoli designs are flowers, leaves such as coconut, lotus, the animals such as cows, elephants and the birds like swans. There are geometrical pattern as well. We can also make rangoli by dot pattern or by free hand pattern.

  1. Before making rangoli clean the area with wet cloth.
  2. After cleaning the area choose a design that you want to draw. During the festival of diwali you can get stencils,moulds to make rangoli from market.
  3. Mark the center point of rangoli. Tie the chalk with thread then place the one end of thread in center point put the thumb their then draw the circle with chalk.
  4. With a piece of chalk, then draw the outline of design. In above figure design is made by free hand drawing. You can also see design from a book of rangoli designs, available at book shops and stationary shops normally.
  5. Decide about the color scheme .Now it's time to fill in the outline with rangoli powder. Pick up some powder with your thumb and index finger and fill in the design by rubbing the two fingers together and sprinkling the powder on the floor and start from center.Go on filling the entire pattern.
  6. Take care to sprinkle the powder carefully don't let powders of two different colours merge with each other.
    Finally your rangoli is ready.

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"Joy is prayer-Joy is strength-Joy is love-Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls"
Mother Teresa once said
The objective of life is to find peace and happiness. While elders look for guidance from spiritual leaders ,some try to find happiness in wealth and material gains. But children find happiness within themselves and in their actions.
Quiet strangely the elders get into competition that brews discontent and takes away peace of mind. They indulge in petty jealousies and longing for material goods that only breeds sorrow. But children have simple wants and positive attitude towards the life that leads to natural contentment and joy within themselves.
Joy can be described as a state of mind. In this state a person is content with all that he has got with him. He has healthy and sound mind and he believes in the service of mankind. As SARAH BAN BREATHNACH said "Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy"
Childhood is a golden period in the life of every human being. In this period child is full of energy, excitement and is oblivious of the impending responsibilities of earring and meeting other social obligations. They can do things of their liking as they are innocent and pure. They do friendship with anybody without any distinction.
As children are above jealousies,hatred, intolerance and laziness they can therefore lay a claim to true happiness. So children have unshaken faith in the powers of the almighty.They lead a simple,pious and tension free life away from the harsh realities of mundane life ahead of the.
In the end I want to say that" Joy is not in things it is in us".

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


You have gold,diamond & silver ornaments. But you don't have vegetable ornaments.Now you can make vegetable ornaments by your hands. In making of vegetable ornaments we need different type of vegetable. In these we have to take care about color of combination of different vegetables.
  • In above picture you can see long necklace made of carrot,radish,pea,cauliflower,greenchilli,bean & green onion
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • In center of necklace their is earring & both of side of necklace one is ring another is braclet. You can also put in jewellery box for presentation.
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How to gift pack:
Your requirements for gifts packing are
  • good stylish packing paper or bandni cloth
  • ribbon, net or sartin ribbon
  • fevicol & tape
  • some accessories like decorated doll , ribbon floweror thermoballs etc
In the above picture you can see doll is sitting in the center & paste thermoflower near the doll.
You can make any type of design .

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


How To Decorate Pooja Thali :->
  • Take a thali of any material. The thali could be in various shapes like round, square,oval or any other.
  • Cover the thali with colorful designer packing paper sheet or cloth and put the puja accessories in the thali.
  • Take some roli in a small bowl and mix little water in it to make a paste and draw the holy symbols such as the 'Om', the 'Swastika' and the 'Shree' on the thali with the roli paste & sprinke glitter on it.
  • Cover the puja thali with petals of flowers like marigold, rose or any other. Decorate various designs with single color petals or a combination of different colors.
  • You can also decorate your puja thali with different rangoli colors or different accessories like bells, ribbons ,lace etc.
  • You can also decorate with banana leaves or with colored rice.
  • Now your decorated pooja thali is ready.

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