Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In above picture you need rad dish, carrot, spring onion,onion, beet root, peas, salad leaves(lettus leaf),pa pita,tomato ,lemon and cabbage & toothpick. Grate the beet root, cabbage, carrot & rad dish.
Then first make village doll in this you need base of rad dish,put salad leaf with the help of tooth pick.Doll arms is made of carrot.Chair is made of rad dish,boat is made of papita & water is made of grated rad dish.In the above picture the theme of salad is park you can see hut made of carrot & peas, roof is made of cabbage and floor is made of grated carrot. Their is see-saw swing also which is made of rad dish and children is made of carrot . Cut the carrot in round thick slice. You can see chairs which is made of rad dish ,umbrella which is made of carrot & cabbage. Grass is made of grated cabbage. You can see some flowers which is made of tomato, carrot & some tree which is made of spring onion.Way of hut is made by grated beet root & bricks is made of carrot. Cut the carrot in thick slice then cut the slice in two pieces now your brick is ready. For crossing garden to lake you can make pull which is made of rad dish & stone is made of lemon.The boundary of park is made by onion.